Eggplant Fritters

20150928_185925         That moment when you have eggplant from the farm and you have no clue what to do with it.

2 cups of flour                                                                                                   2 cups of Italian bread crumbs

4 eggs                                                                                                                  2tsp. of water

1 cup of shredded Parmesan or pecorino cheese                                       2 medium eggplant (shaved and diced)

2 cups of oil for frying (whichever you prefer)

First you will need 3 separate bowls. In one bowl add the flour. Add the Italian bread crumbs and add half of the cheese. You may add a little salt and pepper or any other spices to make it your own dish. (Smoked paprika may be nice) Mix well. Beat the four eggs into the third bowl and add the 2 tsp. of water. Take a piece of eggplant and dip into the flour until completely covered. Next dip it into the egg wash and last the breadcrumbs. Repeat this until all of your pieces of eggplant are covered. If you run out that’s okay, just add a little more of what you may need. Let you eggplant pieces sit for a while before frying to make sure that your breading sticks. You may also do this ahead of time and place them in the refrigerator. Just remember if you do this make sure you let the eggplant come to room temperature before frying. Fry your eggplant to a golden brown. After frying place the eggplant onto a paper towel to drain. Remember don’t overcrowd your pan so that your batches fry evenly. After each batch use the left over cheese to sprinkle on top and a little salt. You may also garnish with Italian parsley.  Enjoy!

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